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Ring in the new year with some exciting Highlights updates!

Ring in the new year with some exciting Highlights updates!

Happy New Year from Hāpara! While we send love to teachers around the world who are continuing to face challenges this year, we’re also excited to share a couple of Highlights updates that we think will bring a little more joy to your teaching and make it easier to teach students who are learning online. 

Check out what’s coming soon to Highlights:

Add emojis to Highlights messages 🤩 🎉 🤩

In Highlights, you can send messages to your whole class, specific groups or even individual students. It’s a great way to provide instructions, redirect students’ behavior, or offer some in-the-moment praise. Whether you’re working with students who are pre-readers, or you just want to add a little fun, you will soon be able to quickly and easily add emojis to your Highlights messages. To add an emoji to a message, you’ll just need to click Add emoji to open the new emoji library.

Add emojis in Hāpara

Freeze students on their current pages

Also coming soon to Highlights is Freeze tabs–a new feature that will allow you to freeze students on the tabs that they already have open. This can be helpful for:

  • Focusing students on individual assessments and assignments
  • Minimizing distractions to ensure student task completion
  • Focusing students on websites that require individual logins
Freeze tabs in Hāpara
When you freeze a student’s tabs, you will be able to close their extra tabs and use Share links to open additional websites for them, but students will not be able to navigate to new sites on their own. 

We want to send a big thank you to the schools that participated in the early access program for Freeze tabs–your feedback has helped us make this feature even better!

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