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New video series: Teaching with Technology with Julian Daher

We are very excited to announce a brand new video series with Hapara Champion Trainer, Julian Daher! Julian is a fourth grade French as a second language teacher in Ottawa, Canada. The Ottawa Catholic School Board has some wonderful initiatives in place to support educators and learners as they use technology in the classroom to build critical 21st century skills, go deeper with learning, and connect to the world around them.

Teaching with technology

Julian will be sharing short videos with us every week to show what teaching with technology looks like in his classroom, and how he uses both online and offline tools and methods to support learners. Take a look at his introduction video below, and be sure to tune in every week!

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Hi everybody, my name is Julian Daher. I’m just gonna do a quick little introduction of myself. I am a grade 4 teacher here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I started teaching in 2012 my first, my first year teaching was actually abroad in Japan where I taught English as a second language. And just even thinking of the differences between how they teach in Japan compared to how they teach here is what this whole webinar series is gonna be about.
It’s just mind changing so, I feel like a lot of my experiences so far on the educational journey have led to, have led to so much and so many doors have opened and I feel like I’m still learning so much. I’d like to thank Hapara for inviting me to do some of these videos and talk about the way that I teach in my classroom and how I’ve learned from others and collaborated with others to make this a really great experience for students in our school board.
So like I mentioned I’m a grade 4 teacher with the Ottawa Catholic School Board here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. And I’m actually a French teacher so here in Canada both official languages are English and French. You know teaching French as a second language came up as a career move for me because when I was teaching in Japan, when I was teaching English as a second language in Japan, I really became in love with that adoption of a second language and how to learn those keywords.
How to get the oral in and get all the practicing in. It just became so crazy for me as a teacher because I was really confused learning Japanese so I thought to myself wow if I’m having this hard of a time learning their language they must be having a crazy hard time learning my language. Having been blessed to have the opportunity in the country that I live in to learn both languages in English and French it really pushed my desire to teach it when I returned to Canada.
So here I am teaching French, “Bonjour” and I’d like to get started on a few of the things that we’re gonna be talking about in this webinar.

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