Hāpara updates for teachers in the Northern Hemisphere (August 2020)

Using technology for deep learning

Welcome back to school! We realize that it may look a little different this year… 

No matter what your classroom looks like this fall, we’ve been working all summer to make sure the Hāpara suite has everything that you and your students need to be successful. 

Along with all of the Workspace changes we’ve made recently, we’ve also updated the Discover page, to make it easier than even to get started with digital (or blended) instruction. 

Just click on Discover at the top of your My Workspaces homepage to start browsing the thousands of Workspaces that have been created and shared by teachers around the world. As well as searching by keyword, subject and grade level, you can now also find Workspaces aligned to local standards (our featured Workspaces got an update, too)!

We’ve also added a brand new learning hub that you can access anywhere in Hāpara. Here, you’ll find quick tutorials, our full knowledge base, easy access to our Support team and more. If you have a question about Hāpara, our learning hub will have the answer!

Coming soon:

Be on the lookout for our new grading tool in Workspace, which makes grading and giving feedback on students’ submitted assignments easier and more efficient.

Learn what to focus on when building a culture of digital citizenship, including conversation starters for learners and educators!

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