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Hāpara updates for teachers in the Southern Hemisphere (November 2020)

Using technology for deep learning

We were so happy to hear all of the positive feedback about the new grading tool in Workspace last month!

We’ve also been listening closely to your feedback about ways to make it even better and have already started implementing your ideas.

Check out the latest updates:

  • When you open student work in the grading tool, it will now open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place in your Workspace.
  • There is a new option in the grading tool to open files without the grading tool (this is especially helpful for those that were missing the share button and doc add-ons that Google disables in the grading tool).
  • The “draft saved” message has been moved so the return buttons don’t shift as your grades and feedback are saved.

We have more updates in the works, including the ability to minimise the grading tool so you can see more of the student’s document.

Thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback!

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