Hāpara updates for teachers in the Southern Hemisphere (October 2020)

Using technology for deep learning

This month we were excited to add a Quick tutorials section to our in-app Learning Hub. These short, contextual videos range from one to five minutes and show you how to get the most out of Hāpara for your digital classroom. Wherever you are in Hāpara, the Learning Hub will surface the videos that are relevant to what you’re doing! 

Click the purple question mark anywhere in Hāpara to start learning.

We also have a couple of very exciting updates for our Workspace users this month. 

First – the small but powerful change that many of you have asked us for is here: You will be able to copy Workspace cards and sections to paste in the same Workspace, or to use in another Workspace. 

Learn more about how to copy Workspace cards and sections here

Second – we have a brand new grading tool in Workspace that will make reviewing and assessing students’ work easier and more efficient. No more jumping back and forth between documents and your Workspace. You can give grades and feedback directly from a students’ submitted evidence, and easily navigate between students’ documents. You can learn more about the grading tool here. Or, watch this quick video:

Learn what to focus on when building a culture of digital citizenship, including conversation starters for learners and educators!

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