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A flipped professional learning event

Guest speakers, workshops, webinars, self-paced professional learning opportunities, prizes and more!


Hāpara Community

Welcome to the Hāpara Community. We created the Hāpara Community to bring together educators from around the world where they can learn, collaborate and share.


Hāpara Learning Bytes

Earn badges while empowering learners! Learn new Hāpara skills quickly with micro-badging. Find learning experiences that align with your professional goals and interests and apply them right away!

Hāpara Champion Program

What’s the best way to power awesome learning in your school? Become a Hāpara Champion! By addressing the ISTE Standards and earning a Seal of Alignment, the Hāpara Champion program is shown to consciously, purposefully and meaningfully support best practices for digital age teaching and learning.

Hāpara Student Voice Podcast

Welcome to the Student Voice podcast, where we listen to what students have to say. We started this podcast to give students a platform to share what’s on their minds about learning, life and everything else in between.


For educators new to Hāpara

Welcome to Hāpara: Your quick start guide

Welcome to your quick start guide with Hāpara. So you’re ready to get off and running with Hāpara? Hāpara is here to help you manage the digital learning process through tools that give you visibility into learners’ work. As with any new technology, you might be looking for tips about how to get started off on the right foot. You’ll also get some additional resources along the way and see some good examples of Hāpara in action. Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

Following this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the logistics of getting online with Hāpara.
  2. Have a deeper understanding of each of the Hāpara tools in the Hāpara Instructional Suite.
  3. Use some quick tips and best practices for getting started with each tool.

Experience Level:
All levels


Join the hunt for Hipi the Sheepicorn’s lost marshmallows, chances to win prizes and a place to connect with Hāpara educators worldwide!

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