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Make digital learning easier for your students in Alberta with a single dashboard

Hāpara is proud to partner with ERLC to offer an affordable solution for students, teachers and parents to make remote learning across Alberta schools stress-free.

Make digital learning easier for your students in Alberta with one single dashboard

Alberta Collaboration for Learning


Learn about what the Alberta Collaboration for Learning has completed so far

The Hāpara Instructional Suite provides digital tools that create high-quality learning experiences, no matter where students live or how they attend school.

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What else does Hāpara offer?

Hāpara Highlights

A Chromebook monitoring tool that teaches learners to become responsible digital citizens

With Highlights, teachers can use guided browsing and gradually give learners more independence and responsibility online. With that support, students understand how to make better decisions online while learning in school or remotely.

The #1 K12 Chromebook Monitoring Software | Hāpara Highlights example (classroom management software)

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara

An AI-powered web filter for Alberta school divisions

The K-12 web filter uses artificial intelligence to safeguard students wherever they are learning. Technology administrators can easily set up and manage Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara and keep learners safe, even on sites like YouTube.

The #1 K12 Chromebook Monitoring Software | Hāpara Highlights example (classroom management software)

Discover what the Alberta Collaboration for Learning has completed so far

Alberta Collaboration for Learning Catalogue

Hāpara Workspace

Access interactive lessons, activities and full course resources aligned to the Alberta curriculum created by Alberta educators.

Math 2: Shape and Space - 3D Objects and 2D Shapes

Shape and Space - 3D Objects and 2D Shapes

Math 2
ELA 30-2: From School to Work

From School to Work

ELA 30-2
Science 9: Biological Diversity

Biological Diversity

Science Grade 9

Explore Alberta’s K-12 Workspace collection by grade

Workspace examples

Why choose Hāpara?


Meet each learner’s unique needs

Use our Chromebook tools to streamline teacher workflows so they can focus on giving personalized feedback and instruction.

Reduce stress for learners and parents

Student Dashboard provides continuity and makes it easier to transition between in person and remote learning.

Build digital citizenship

With ethical Chrome browser monitoring, give learners the support they need to grow their 21st century skills in a safe environment.

We take student privacy seriously

Hāpara is dedicated to safeguarding student privacy and giving Alberta school divisions tools to protect students during online learning. Hāpara is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and complies with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act) and the Personal Information and Protection Act (PIPA).

Student Privacy Pledge Signatory


What is Hāpara?

The Hāpara Instructional Management Suite organizes teaching and learning workflows in Google Workspace for Education to provide a seamless, high-quality educational experience. Learn more about Hāpara.

Does Hāpara provide Chrome browser monitoring?

Yes, Hāpara Highlights is a Google Chrome browser monitoring tool with a variety of features that teachers can use to teach and promote digital citizenship. Learn more about Highlights.

Does Hāpara comply with Alberta student and data privacy laws and regulations?

Hāpara complies with all local and Canadian student and data privacy laws and regulations. If you have specific questions please contact

How much does Hāpara cost?

The full Hāpara Instructional Suite is less expensive than most stand-alone edtech products. Request pricing to learn more.

Does Hāpara work for remote learning or hybrid learning?

Hāpara facilitates teaching and learning for 1:1, hybrid and remote settings. Teachers can remotely open tabs for learners, share out documents, send messages of encouragement and more using Hāpara tools.

Does Hāpara work with Google Classroom and Chromebooks?

Yes! In fact, Hāpara streamlines Google Classroom to create a more efficient and effective teaching and learning experience. Learn how we do it!

How can I learn more about Hāpara?

Our Buyer’s Guide provides detailed information about how Hāpara works, how it benefits teachers and learners and how we stack up against other edtech tools. Get the Buyer’s Guide.

Hāpara is an award-winning instructional suite

ISTE Seal of Alignment
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence
Edtech Breakthrough Award
The EdTech Awards 2022 - Leadership Winner

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

We’re ready to show you how Hāpara delivers:

Mission-critical teaching and learning in school and remotely

Free professional development for educators

Quick and easy implementation and access to a world-class customer engagement team

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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