Why Hāpara?

Our mission is to provide a seamless teaching and learning experience for teachers, students and parents whether at home or in the classroom by providing the visibility and organization necessary for everyone to be on the same page.

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School districts buy Hāpara because:

Hāpara replicates all teaching workflows in the cloud such as lesson planning, monitoring student work, instructional delivery, assessment, differentiating instruction, providing formative feedback and collaborating.

Hāpara replicates all learning workflows in the cloud such as note-taking, researching, learning content, organizing for learning, homework management, understanding learning expectations, working individually and in groups and taking responsibility for learning.

Hāpara gives parents visibility into their child’s learning performance, teacher expectations, due dates, missing assignments, grades, alerts, teacher feedback, teacher messages, and teacher-shared schoolwork all from a single source of visibility– accessed on a mobile device or desktop.

Hāpara gives school administrators visibility into teaching and learning both remotely, at school and in hybrid settings.

Hāpara reduces student app fatigue with its complete set of instructional and learning tools, and significantly lowers costs for app subscriptions and learning resources.

Hāpara powers awesome learning. School districts report effective and equitable increases in student learning performance.

Hāpara provides seamless home and school learning via teacher, student and parent visibility to teacher and student workflows.

Solutions to deliver a seamless learning experience

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One solution for all of your digital teaching and learning needs.

Differentiate learning
Drive student agency
Manage learner work
Transform digital learning
Keep learners focused
Teach and learn from anywhere

“Hapara is more than just tools that your district purchased. The tools are great, but Hapara brings together a community of educators from around the world that truly want to help each other successfully implement educational programs focused on student centered learning. That’s where the true magic happens.”

Chris Skinner, District Instructional Technology Specialist
El Campo Independent School District
El Campo, TX

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