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Hāpara student dashboard

Product of the Year winner of the 2020 EdTech Cool Tool Awards

google classroom dashboard

A central, mobile-friendly tool to access assignments, resources, announcements, grades and more from Google Classroom, Google Workspace and Hāpara.


No one is born with executive functioning skills, but everyone can develop them if they are taught.

  • Digital textbooks and resources all in one place

  • Learners have everything they need in school and at home

  • Digital reading tool especially for K-12 readers

*Ask your Regional Sales Manager about this option for more information

Learners love Student Dashboard

“Keeps me organized and I can keep track of all my work.”

“Keeps me from missing any assignments, helps me organize my files and work, see my grades and what I have turned in.”

“Helps me keep track of my digital school work and it’s less stressful to turn everything in on time when it’s all laid out nice and neat.”

Teachers see positive results with Student Dashboard

online teaching k12 dashboard

It’s easy to get started.

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