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An online student planner that teaches executive functioning skills

Hāpara Student Dashboard is an online school planner that empowers learners. In one mobile-friendly spot, they can manage their Google Classroom assignments, Hāpara Workspaces, learning resources, class announcements and school email.

Built to enhance the Google Workspace for Education experience

Help learners cope with digital noise

With digital learning, students need to keep on top of online assignments, resources, class announcements, emails, links and apps. All of that digital noise can be overwhelming. Student Dashboard eases the information overload so learners can thrive.

Develop learners’ executive functioning skills

Student Dashboard’s setup is learner-friendly with simple features that help students see all of their learning content in one spot. Because they don’t have to visit different websites and apps, they’re able to stay organized, prioritize assignments and manage their daily class activities. Student Dashboard also works across devices, including mobile phones.

Make Google Classroom easier to manage

Google Classroom allows you to bring your classroom online, but it’s challenging for learners to stay on top of the steady stream of assignments. An online planner for students that integrates with Google Classroom is the solution.

Student Dashboard pulls in Google Classroom classwork, announcements and grades from a learner’s stream. From one spot, learners can manage all of their learning content and have a clear view of upcoming and overdue assignments — even those without a due date.

Build positive relationships
Gradually release responsibility

Promote student agency

Student Dashboard allows students to be actively involved in how they want to learn. They’re able to drive their progress, choosing how they want to prioritize assigned activities and use Student Dashboard’s features.

Embrace a student planner designed with learner feedback

Student Dashboard was born with feedback from learners around the world. They told us exactly what they needed in a school planner so they could succeed. That’s why learners of all ages use Student Dashboard online to take control of their academic journey.

Personalize learners’ digital experience
Gradually release responsibility

Seamlessly integrate with Google apps

Student Dashboard works side-by-side with Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom. In one online agenda for students, they can manage Google Docs, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Gmail and Google Classroom content along with Hāpara Workspaces.

Educators love Hāpara Student Dashboard

And many more helpful features

Access all assignments icon

Access all assignments

On one dashboard, learners can access their Google Classroom assignments and Hāpara Workspaces.

See what’s overdue and due soon

See what’s overdue and due soon

Learners can clearly view which assignments they need to complete.

Google Drive icon

Access Google Drive files

Learners can see which files they’ve opened and unopened.

Manage classes icon

Manage classes

Learners can filter between classes and zero in on what they need to accomplish.

Personalize display icon

Personalize the display

Learners can make Student Dashboard their own by uploading an avatar or changing the color.

Class notification icon

See class notifications

In one spot, learners can see Google Classroom announcements and notifications about assigned, returned and graded work and teacher emails.

Online student planner FAQ

What is the best online planner for students?

Hāpara Student Dashboard is the best online student planner for any school that uses Google Classroom. Learners, educators and parents love its user-friendly features that are built for student success.

How does a student daily planner help with executive functioning skills?

Hāpara Student Dashboard helps students build their executive functioning skills because it brings all of their learning content into one online hub. Students are able to clearly see which assignments have upcoming due dates and manage class announcements and emails. As a result, Student Dashboard helps them stay organized and prioritize.

Can a student academic planner make Google Classroom easier to manage?

Hāpara Student Dashboard brings Google Classroom classwork and streams into a clearly organized hub. Learners can select different views to see upcoming assignments, overdue assignments, assignments with no due dates, returned work, graded work and other class announcements.

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Student Dashboard is a one-stop hub where learners can manage all of their Google Classroom assignments, Hāpara Workspaces, Google Workspace files and class announcements.

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