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A central, mobile-friendly tool to access assignments, resources, announcements, grades and more from Google Classroom, Google Workspace and Hāpara.

No one is born with executive functioning skills, but everyone can develop them if they are taught.

  • Digital textbooks and resources all in one place
  • Learners have everything they need in school and at home
  • Digital reading tool especially for K-12 readers*

(*Ask your Regional Sales Manager for more information about this option)

Hāpara is an award-winning instructional suite

ISTE Seal of Alignment
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence
Edtech Breakthrough Award
The EdTech Awards 2022 - Leadership Winner

Designed to build executive functioning skills

Hāpara Student Dashboard is a one-stop shop for assignments, announcements and resources. It’s a tool designed to promote student agency by helping learners better manage their time, improve organization and develop executive functioning skills.

A solution for coping with digital noise

Learners can get lost or confused by all of the digital learning tools that they have at their disposal—Google Classroom, Google Apps and many more. This sometimes leads to information overload because learners haven’t necessarily developed the capacity to cope with all the noise of the digital environment. We developed Student Dashboard to handle these very challenges and empower students to take control of their own learning journey.


One online hub for learners

By providing students with a hub for all their assignments, announcements and resources, Student Dashboard takes on the task of encouraging those important skills and providing context for why it’s so important.

Created with learner feedback

Student Dashboard is different from other education dashboards because it was built based on feedback from learners around the world. They told us what they wanted in a K-12 dashboard to be more successful in school and we created a student-friendly tool that empowers learners to take control of their learning journey.


An e-learning dashboard that powers awesome learning

Student Dashboard is education dashboard software that provides clarity, improves usability of other educational apps and teaches essential skills that are transferable to the workplace while inspiring students to carve out a learning path that excites and sparks their curiosity.

Learners love Student Dashboard

Give students access to everything they need for digital learning in one single dashboard.

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