Exciting new updates for Hāpara Highlights

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April showers bring… Highlights updates!

In the coming weeks, you may notice some small changes to Highlights that will make it a lot easier to see what your students are doing online and provide them with feedback.

Here are some of the exciting updates we have in store:

A dynamic, expanded student screen

In the Current Screens tab, you will be able to open an expanded student tile. Here you can:

  • view the student’s screen as they navigate around the web
  • see a list of their open browser tabs
  • take a snap of the student’s screen so you can provide feedback or document their activity

Customize the size of your student tiles

If you have a big class, it can be hard to keep track of everyone at the same time. With this new update, you can customize the size of your student tiles, and therefore, how many tiles you see at once.

Send message improvements

We’ve made two tweaks to our send message feature in order to make it easier to give your students feedback and communicate with your class.

In the student tile, we’ve pulled the send message button out of the drop down menu so it is front and center. Just click the speech bubble to start a message to any student.

In the header, you can now choose who you want to send a message to right up front!

Are there other updates you’d like to see in Highlights? Drop your suggestions in the feedback bar–we read them all!

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