Deep learning: co-constructing success criteria

May 2, 2018 | For the Classroom, Hapara Champions

Using technology for deep learning


Erin Harding

Head of Content | Hapara
Our friend and Hapara Champion Trainer Julian Daher continues to share his expertise on Deep Learning in the latest video in our Teaching with Technology series. This week, Julian expands on his discussion of the pedagogical practices that support deep learning with a look into one of his favorite practices – co-creating success criteria with learners.

Check out the video below to learn more about how Julian engages learners in the process of creating success criteria and how they respond to this practice. You’ll even get to see some amazing artifacts of learning that Julian’s students created after working together to develop the success criteria for an anti-smoking health unit.

As you’ll learn in the video, inviting learners to co-create success criteria with you is a simple but effective way of promoting learner agency in a student-centered classroom. It can be a powerful practice with learners of all ages.

Many thanks to Julian for continuing to open the doors of his classroom to the Hapara community!

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  1. Jo

    I’ve always found it difficult to think of suitable success criteria to go with the learning intentions. Thanks Julian for explaining how to develop success criteria in a simplistic manner.

  2. Karen Schwarze

    Thanks for a great video! Love this idea. In the U.S. we have Common Core standards, but there are so many that it’s safe to assume collaborative criteria will coincide with Common Core. In a former district I taught in, displaying “I Can” statements was required; how cool is it when those students can take some ownership of those statements.


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