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New school year, new look

Educators will return to the classroom to find a more unified experience between all of the tools in the Hāpara Suite.
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Teacher Dashboard will be starting school with a more streamlined look this year. Educators will return to the classroom to find a more unified experience between all of the tools in the Hāpara Suite. The team at Hāpara is committed to continuous improvement to support teaching and learning workflows, and we’re excited to share what’s new for this school year. Let’s take a look.


The Sharing tab has moved and is now “Drive”

The Sharing tab has moved next to the class folders in the white toolbar. It is now called “Drive” and has the Google Drive icon. In the Drive tab, you can see all students’ documents, or filter their Drive documents to see ones that are shared to the public, outside the school domain, unshared files and even access deleted documents. This is helpful when a learner has forgotten to share a document with you or accidentally deleted a file. Just use the Drive tab to search the student’s entire Google Drive to find what you’re looking for! 

Note: Tech admins will have to turn on Document Sharing for teachers to have access to students’ Drive and filter options in Dashboard and Highlights

Updated Student Tiles in Teacher Dashboard

Student Tiles have a simplified look that will make it easier to get the information you need from them. It now shows only the document name and the date it was last modified, so you can quickly glance through Student Tiles to determine how learners are progressing on their assignments. Especially helpful is the ability to easily see who has not opened a document yet. This lets you know that the learner might need a little extra help or encouragement to get started. 

Student Tile layout

You can now move tiles around to match your seating chart or other workflows. When you move tiles around in Teacher Dashboard they will automatically be put in the same position in Highlights and vice versa. This way you can maintain the same method of organization across Hāpara tools. 

Class folders

Class folders are now more visually appealing. If you have more than three class folders, the additional folders will appear in the drop-down menu. 

Class info tab

Now when you click on the Class info tab you’ll get a more manageable view of your student roster and it will be much easier to update.

Highlights now integrates with Google Classroom

This will be a big time saver this year! Instead of switching between Google Classroom and Highlights, you can now share out assignments directly from Highlights. To use this feature you will need to sync your class with Google Classroom. You can learn more about this here


All updates are developed by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 at the AA conformance level to ensure that all learners have a positive learning experience with Hāpara.


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