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What is Hāpara?

What is Hāpara?

What is Hapara? 

Hāpara provides digital tools that support teachers to deliver authentic, personalized learning experiences to their students. It makes digital learning with Google Workspace for Education more accessible to students, by replicating traditional teaching and learning routines in the digital environment. The platform fosters positive relationships between educators and learners by providing greater visibility and clarity in the classroom and at home while encouraging students to be independent thinkers and good digital citizens. With over 2.2 million worldwide users in more than 40 countries, Hāpara is a popular solution that connects educators and learners alike in a collaborative environment. 

Learner-centered digital tools

Hāpara makes it easy for teachers to deliver student-centered instruction that is unique and personalized to each learner’s needs. The suite offers teachers and learners the flexibility, agency, ubiquity and connectedness to work together productively. The classroom can shift its focus to be more learner-centered, with the teacher functioning as a guide and Hāpara, the moderator. Regardless of the function, Hāpara allows educators to see and connect with students individually, meeting their specific needs and collaborating as a group.

Explore Hāpara’s growing products and benefits

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard screenshot

Teacher Dashboard

Primary benefit: Formative feedback

How it works: Allows teachers to give learners direct, real-time feedback both during and outside of class.

Hāpara Highlights - Current Screens


Primary benefit: Digital citizenship

How it works: Teachers can monitor learner activity, while also encouraging them to be responsible online.

Hāpara Highlights - Current Screens


Primary benefit: Differentiation and personalization

How it works: Teachers can search, create, change and share digital materials, lessons and projects.

Hāpara Filter - Dashboard

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara

Primary benefit: Safe digital learning

How it works: Ensures learners are accessing safe materials, while protecting student data.

Student Dashboard with Digital Backpack

Student Dashboard

Primary benefit: Executive functioning skills

How it works: A central location for learners to access all of their materials, resources and textbooks in one place.

Hāpara Community home screen

Professional Learning

Primary benefit: Digital transformation

How it works: Provides free, self-paced courses for teachers to continue their professional development and strengthen their technology skills.

Why do school districts choose Hāpara?

Keeps learners safe online and promotes healthy digital citizenship

Great tool for every teacher!"
Mary Steffen
Teacher in South Dakota

Most schools are required to have some sort of digital monitoring system, including a web filter. While Hāpara has both of these features to keep learners safe and on-task, it also has many other benefits. For example, using filters and monitoring, teachers can check on learners to ensure they are focused on the task at hand or intervene when a student needs help. Teachers can model good research, and do in-class activities to encourage positive digital citizenship. 

Hāpara not only gives teachers an inside look at how learners are progressing, but it also provides learners a way to  show their parents what’s happening in their digital learning environment.

Enables personalization and differentiation

I love how easy it is to set up a class, and to differentiate the learning in that class. The many useful features like guided browsing and highlights also help me to ensure my students are meeting with success through successful habits!"
Shannon Saturno
Teacher in Ottawa

It has become crucial to have a smooth transition between the classroom and at-home learning in recent years. Hāpara provides this consistency so that teachers and parents can remain confident in their support. At the same time, learners feel empowered and able to do their work no matter their location.

Not only can Hāpara transition easily between locations, but it also allows teachers to customize and differentiate materials. Teachers can tailor what they provide to learners so that each student gets the exact support based on their needs by creating student groups to serve different academic levels. Teachers can quickly find, build, modify and share digital lessons and projects, then easily differentiate a Workspace for a group or individual learner to support the unique needs throughout their class.

Creates clarity and transparency 

Hāpara has made it easier to monitor students and communicate with them giving positive feedback."
Alisha Rowden
Teacher in Maryland

Hāpara creates a central location where teachers can outline entire lessons for students to understand what they are learning and why. In addition, learners can review learning goals, materials, homework, projects and rubrics. Finally, the platform serves as a place where teachers can interact with students to answer any clarifying questions and guide them in the right direction.

Promotes efficiency and organization

It's the easiest and best way to organize your classes."
Jessica Dodrige
Teacher in Ottawa

Hāpara makes teaching and learning workflows in the cloud more efficient. For example, teachers can create lesson plans, monitor student work, provide instructions, differentiate materials, provide feedback, and collaborate while students they are at home and in the classroom, all in one instructional suite.

Learners can take notes, research, organize materials, access resources, manage their homework, understand learning expectations and assessments while developing skills to work independently and in a group setting. So say goodbye to unorganized backpacks. Hāpara removes the need for learners to keep an overflow of paperwork on-hand or search through their bags by keeping all of the materials in one place. 

While there are many benefits for teachers, school administrators, parents and learners who use Hāpara, overall, the best feature is the software’s flexibility in customizing the platform to fit the students’ needs. 

Connect with us to learn more about Hāpara and how its suite of products can help you achieve your goals in and out of the classroom.

Explore how an educator uses Hāpara Highlights as a coaching tool for social and emotional learning in her classroom.

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