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Hāpara’s sticky new edtech workspace crests one million views in two weeks

What’s in a number like one million? Well, if we are talking about one million Belarusian Rubles, the answer is about fifty US, Canadian, NZ, or AUS dollars.

Yesterday, Hāpara’s Workspace crested one million views. What does that mean?

Hāpara released Workspace to our clients on July 27th of this year. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that most North American schools were back in session. We’ve never been very good about marketing our own tools, and so the word isn’t quite yet out amongst our global client base that Workspace even exists.

We designed Workspace with the same force factors that drove us to build our Dashboard for Google Apps in 2010 and our Highlights (previously Interact) for Chrome tool in 2012; to meet the needs of teachers and learners pushing edtech to its max in support of differentiation, personalization, and collaboration. Workspace is an assignment/unit/project management tool that allows teachers and learners to learn, create, and share the way they want to without slowing down to wait for the digital world to catch up.

The one million views in Workspace come from a small subset of our community. That’s actually good news. A beta release is intentionally small to allow for gradual stress testing of the platform. That only a small fraction of our 1.6 million student users even know Workspace exists and we already have one million student views in two weeks means that Workspace is well, working.

 In edtech we use phrases like sticky and engagement to describe the behavior of the users on our platform. One million student views from a handful of users in two weeks means that those who have discovered the tool are using it as their primary destination for organizing their learning. It is engaging and sticky. That makes us happy. And that means that if Workspace were a currency, it would be more like a Kuwaiti Dinar.

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