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Hāpara joins NYSCATE Corporate Council, strengthening commitment to educational technology in New York. Read the full press release.

Ensure that your learners are safe online and that their digital citizenship skills continue to improve.

The Hāpara Instructional Suite assists the NERIC and Erie 1 ITCC school districts by providing student safety and wellness tools that empower educators to create engaging and secure online learning environments.

A powerful K-12 web filter that works in real-time

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara uses artificial intelligence to understand context as digital learning happens.

Block games
Are students still playing games in your classroom? Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara blocks all Google games, including Snake, to keep your students from getting distracted.
AI web filter
Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara understands what is safe on a page versus what should be restricted and intelligently blurs harmful or inappropriate content. It can read out of bounds images as they appear on the screen and block the content.
Block uncategorized sites and games
Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara uses AI to identify off-topic uncategorized pages, including Google games and sites that make it through other web filters, so that students can’t access them on their school devices.
AI filter between terms
Using artificial intelligence, Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara understands the context of a student’s search in real-time. As a result, the text analysis allows search results with instructional value and determines what content is appropriate for learners.

A comprehensive AI web filter that’s easy to manage

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara is the only tool that understands context in real-time across digital learning. With quick installation, award-winning data privacy, a focus on student wellness and management options for teachers, it’s the best solution for admins.

Legacy solutions

(iBoss, ContentKeeper, Firewall Solutions)

Lightspeed systems


Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara

Real-time AI filtering across all online school activity

Student mental health monitoring

Intelligent YouTube monitoring

Easy admin management

Award winning online data privacy protection

Teacher management in-the-moment

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