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Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara vs GoGuardian Admin​

Compare two K-12 web filters that use AI to help you decide how to safeguard students across your school district.

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There are several options for school districts to consider when searching for a web filter. Hāpara and GoGuardian both offer K-12 web filtering tools that use artificial intelligence (AI). When comparing their tools, however, there are differences in ease of use and effectiveness.

This page will explain Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara as a GoGuardian alternative and compare each side-by-side. Use this comparison to find the tool that best protects students.

What does Hāpara do as a GoGuardian alternative?

Hāpara offers a full suite of instructional tools designed for K-12 schools and districts. Products include a web filter, Chrome browser monitoring and classroom management tools that streamline teacher and student workflows.

What does GoGuardian do?

GoGuardian offers K-12 products related to web filtering, classroom management and mental health.

An overview of Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara

The web filter is a K-12 web filter that uses artificial intelligence (AI). It works in real-time, analyzing the content a student views. The web filter, a GoGuardian alternative, understands context and can differentiate between what is harmful or inappropriate versus what is safe on a webpage. Instead of automatically blocking an entire page or site, it restricts the part that is not appropriate. This web filter also takes a pedagogical approach by building learners’ digital citizenship skills.

An overview of GoGuardian Admin

GoGuardian Admin is a K-12 web filter that uses filtering policies and AI to block websites, pages, URLs, extensions and apps that are not safe for students to view. The AI determines the severity of the content and sends alerts to administrators about what students are searching for or viewing. 

How they compare

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara
Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara works on any device, at home for remote learning or in the classroom. When students log in to their school Google account on Chromebooks or another device, the filter works to protect students.
GoGuardian Admin works across school devices and browsers. They also offer stolen device tracking.
Admin management
Technology administrators can install the web filter within a few minutes. From there, the filter uses AI to do all the work. Technology administrators don’t have to maintain lists or policies.
In GoGuardian Admin, technology administrators need to set up policies for organizational units, time of day or place. To do this, they enter URLs, categories, apps or extensions. They can also set up triggers that will alert administrators.
Teacher management
With the web filter, teachers can approve a site in-the-moment to give a learner or group access. Students can also request approval for a site as they research or work on school assignments.
GoGuardian Admin requires technology administrators to make changes in policies if teachers want students to access certain websites.
The web filter works in real-time to mute audio or blur inappropriate images, text or video. Technology administrators don’t need to block YouTube, set up policies or manually select options. Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara works on its own to instantly protect learners.
In GoGuardian Admin, technology administrators need to set up YouTube filtering. They can select options for blocking comments, sidebars and live chats. They can also restrict YouTube content by student age and set up a filtering policy by blocking specific videos or keywords.
Video, audio, images and text
The web filter uses AI to analyze context across all online activity. It does not block websites or web pages that can be used for learning. Instead, it blurs or mutes only the parts learners should not see or hear.
GoGuardian Admin blocks websites and webpages but does not blur images and video or mute audio on a webpage.
Zoom and Google Meet
The web filter blurs out any inappropriate text or images during remote video class meetings. Because the web filter works in real-time, teachers can focus on instruction.
GoGuardian Admin does not blur text or images in real-time. Instead, it blocks websites or URLs.
Google games and games on Google Sites
The web filter automatically blocks Google games and games on Google Sites that find their way through other web filters.
With GoGuardian Admin, technology administrators need to set up a policy to block Google games and games on Google Sites by entering URLs.
Ads and tracking
The web filter blocks ads and tracking and anonymizes Google searches.
GoGuardian offers a separate product called Ad Deflect that blocks tracking and ads from websites and YouTube.
Student wellness
Schools can also add on Deledao ActivePulse, presented by Hāpara, which monitors student wellness. Across students' online activity, it detects signs of self-harm and cyberbullying, sending designated team members instant alerts.
GoGuardian offers a separate product called GoGuardian Beacon to monitor student mental health and identify at-risk students.

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