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Hāpara joins NYSCATE Corporate Council, strengthening commitment to educational technology in New York

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Hāpara, a leading provider of innovative educational technology solutions, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in the NYSCATE Corporate Council, a pivotal milestone that reflects the company’s dedication to advancing education through technology in the state of New York.

NYSCATE, the New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education, has been at the forefront of promoting technology’s role in enhancing learning experiences for students and educators. By joining the NYSCATE Corporate Council, Hāpara reaffirms its commitment to supporting educators and institutions in New York as they navigate the evolving landscape of digital education.

As part of the NYSCATE Corporate Council, Hāpara will collaborate closely with educators and administrators to understand their unique challenges and aspirations in the field of educational technology. The company’s mission aligns seamlessly with NYSCATE’s objective of fostering innovation and empowering educators with the tools and resources they need to excel in today’s dynamic educational environment.

“We are excited and honored to become a member of the NYSCATE Corporate Council,” said Dave Barclay, Regional Sales Manager at Hāpara. “We joined the NYSCATE Corporate Council to better understand the needs of and build collaborative relationships with New York educational technology leaders and educators. It is our hope that we can work alongside this group of educators to bring greater visibility into student learning in digital classrooms in order to better meet the needs of every New York student.” 

Hāpara’s suite of solutions includes powerful classroom management tools that help teachers effectively manage and personalize their digital classrooms. With student safety and wellness tools, Hāpara’s technology enables educators to create engaging and secure online learning environments.

Hāpara looks forward to actively participating in NYSCATE events, conferences and initiatives to facilitate knowledge-sharing, networking and collaborative discussions among educators, administrators and technology leaders in the state.

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About Hāpara:

Hāpara classroom management software enables educators to create visible, differentiated and focused learning experiences within Google Workspace for Education. Hāpara tools help teachers see student efforts across Google Workspace applications, support collaborative assignments, encourage real-time engagement and highlight student browsing while empowering students to take control of their digital learning experience in a responsible and secure way. 

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