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Streamline Canvas workflows with Hāpara

Hāpara makes it easier to support visible learning, collaboration, accountability and equity in Canvas

Join Jaimielynn Lake from Sage Oak Charter School’s Virtual Learning Academy to learn how Canvas and Hāpara seamlessly integrate. Jaimielynn discusses important steps you should take to make your Canvas and Hāpara experience as smooth as possible. You will learn tips and tricks to benefit educators, students, and families.

Why use Hāpara with Canvas?

How many times have you linked a Google assignment in Canvas, but your learners couldn’t access it? Or they turned it in incorrectly? 

Sometimes learners post the URL directly into the Canvas student comment box, or their Google Drive isn’t authorized properly within Canvas. Other times, they open the document in a new browser tab. Instead of submitting it through Canvas SpeedGrader, they click the blue share button and share back to your inbox, creating chaos!

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard helps educators share files directly into learners’ Google Drives. Learners can then turn in their Google file assignment using the Google LTI option in Canvas, without needing to update sharing permissions.

You can also share Hāpara Workspace links directly in Canvas for learners to access. Hāpara Workspace brings all of the learning content for a lesson, unit, project or course into one interactive space for learners.

Instantly see learners’ progress

Visible learning and formative feedback

Visible learning and formative feedback

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard gives educators instant visibility into learners’ progress. In a single dashboard, you can see learners’ recent Google Drive files across the class. Hover over a file name to preview progress. Or click on a file to open it and leave formative feedback.



When learners submit a Google file assignment in Canvas, the feedback you gave them in Hāpara shows up in the Canvas Speedgrader in colored boxes. Families/observers in Canvas can also view the comments left on the live Drive document so they are clear about their child’s progress and what they are learning.



Provide access to a digital learning environment with no obstacles. With Hāpara, learners can access their Google Drives just as easily as teachers. Teacher Dashboard allows you to share files with an individual learner, groups or the class. Workspace makes it easy to differentiate instruction and create personalized pathways, all accessible from Canvas.



During guided practice, share your screen and use Hāpara Teacher Dashboard to open and share student files. Provide verbal feedback as you speak with the class or type directly onto student files. Many learners like to share their work, giving them the opportunity to model and explain learned strategies during in-class practice. It allows you to model examples for learners who may be struggling or too shy to share as well.

In Hāpara Workspace, learners can explore resources in groups and collaborate on activities and assessments.

Steps for using Hāpara Teacher Dashboard with Canvas

Use Hāpara Teacher Dashboard to share a copy of assignments directly into learners’ Google Drives. In Teacher Dashboard, you can even automatically append the file name with a learner’s name for clarity.

Use a template to post directions in the Canvas assignment details. This gives learners explicit step-by-step instructions to find the assignment in their Google Drive, complete it and turn it in within Canvas.

Use Hāpara Teacher Dashboard to click into learners’ work and give feedback on their live Google document. Comment back and forth without having the student turn it in through Canvas every single time.

When learners turn in an assignment using File Upload in Canvas, teach them to select Google LTI. They can attach the file straight from their Google Drive. No saving as PDFs or updating sharing permissions!

Want to see Hāpara in action?

We’re ready to show you how Hāpara delivers mission-critical teaching and learning in school and remotely.

Top rated K-12 edtech monitoring tool

Instructional Suite and Google Icons

The Hāpara Instructional Suite integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace for Education. But it takes teaching and learning with Google a step further — making it streamlined, more visible and safer. In the classroom or remotely, Hāpara tools make educators’ lives easier and help students take control of their own learning.

Hāpara is like having a second teacher in the classroom.
Rebecca R., middle school teacher
I sought out and vetted the resources we were considering for an internet filter and was pleased to find this robust teacher/student offering. I am even more convinced it was a good idea to bring to our school.
Amy Traynor, Educational Technology Specialist, The Briarwood School
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Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

We’re ready to show you how Hāpara delivers:

Mission-critical teaching and learning in school and remotely

Free professional development for educators

Quick and easy implementation and access to a world-class customer engagement team

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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