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Hāpara unveils more tools to support and empower student learning and beyond

Hāpara unveils more tools to support and empower student learning and beyond

New Orleans, LA, June 22, 2022–In the spirit of continuing its mission to support learners and teachers both inside and outside of the classroom, Hāpara is set to unveil two new products at ISTE this week. Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara provides students with unparalleled protection while using the internet, with an optional student wellness feature that alerts school staff when students are in crisis. Student Dashboard Digital Backpack provides learners with a space on any device for everything they need for digital learning including organizational tools, communication with teachers, access to Google Drive files and digital resources optimized for K-12 readers. 

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara uses real-time artificial intelligence to protect learners from harmful and distracting content on the internet while they are learning in the school building or from home. Unlike traditional content filters, the web filter blurs inappropriate content in videos and mutes audio in the moment. Students can also use YouTube for educational purposes because the web filter blocks ads and protects student privacy. It also blocks games on Google Sites and in Google Search. Students can also make direct requests to their teachers to unblock content that has educational value, and teachers can exercise their professional judgment. With the student wellness feature, when students exhibit evidence of possible self-harm or danger to others online, school counselors and administrators will be alerted so that they can intervene. Every learner deserves a safe learning environment free from distractions.

“The health and safety of students and teachers worldwide is our foremost concern. We hope that Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara can be a small part of building a safe and secure learning environment. Helping students build skills such as self-awareness, digital citizenship and relationship skills are the bedrock of every tool we create.”

Student Dashboard Digital Backpack gives students access to a rich, flexible learning environment from a single dashboard. Students can receive communications and announcements from teachers, a dynamic list of assignments and due dates and access to Google Classroom and Drive files. Schools can use the Digital Backpack portion to create a repository of digital content and deliver it to learners in a digital reading platform on any device in a format that is optimal for K-12 readers. 

Wayne Poncia, CEO of Hāpara, says:

“Student Dashboard Digital Backpack means educators and learners worldwide can experience transformational digital learning experiences more easily and more equitably. Equity of learning  for us includes fair access to resources, and this new product, Student Dashboard Digital Backpack, will enable districts and states to make significant cost savings. Using this inexpensive solution, districts are able to allocate funds differently and in a more equitable way to differentiate instruction.”

ISTE attendees are invited to attend presentations in the Hāpara Teaching Theater (booth #1530) of both the web filter and Student Dashboard Digital Backpack and meet with team members for demos of the tools. Check out the ISTE page on our website to learn more about the amazing lineup of presenters that will be joining us in the booth this year including Jorge Valenzuela, Jon Corippo, Marlena Hebern, Barbara Kurshan and more!  

Student Dashboard Digital Backpack

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara

About Hāpara  

Hāpara began in New Zealand in the Manaiakalani school cluster in 2011 and now has offices in Auckland and Chicago, Illinois. Our team is dedicated to building great products for schools.

After adopting Google Apps for Education in 2010, Manaiakalani educators realized they needed a more effective way of managing learner work in this new digital environment. They collaborated to design a dream tool that would streamline teacher workflow and deepen personalized learning and student engagement. They emphasized a straightforward design that would empower teachers of all technical abilities to track learner progress, provide ongoing feedback, disseminate files, and facilitate collaboration and differentiation through flexible groupings. From this, Hāpara’s original Teacher Dashboard was born.

Today, Hāpara has a range of products that were all built to support educators as they create authentic, personalized learning experiences. 

Current Hāpara offerings 

  • Teacher Dashboard (teacher facing) – Teachers can easily view and access all student work from Google Workspace for Education in one central hub (even if it wasn’t shared with them), organize learners into differentiated groups and quickly share out documents and resources.
  • Highlights (teacher facing) – Teachers can view learner browsing activity, guide learners to or from specific sites, and help learners become better digital citizens by providing personalized, private feedback.
  • Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara – A K12 real-time web filter powered by artificial intelligence with its real-time image, video and text analysis that understands context. It protects student data and information by creating a secure digital learning environment with technology that blocks ads and tracking, anonymizes Google searches and more. Teachers can also approve websites in the moment, facilitating important conversations about digital literacy with their students. 
  • Workspace (student and teacher facing) – A space where teachers can build digital assignments and projects that can easily be differentiated for groups or individuals. It gives learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in learning and teaching.
  • Student Dashboard Digital Backpack (student facing) – A one-stop hub for learners to organize themselves for learning. Student Dashboard provides access to all of their Google Classroom assignments and announcements, Drive files, digital resources, Gmail from teachers and even gives them reminders when something is due (or late!)–all in one place. 

Explore how schools use a web filter and screen monitoring to keep students safe and teach digital citizenship.

Safety and security ebook 8.5 x 11 hardcover

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