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Teaching in the Cloud- How to be Present with Learners

Teaching in the cloud: How to be present with learners

In order to create an environment that is safe and conducive to learning, we have to to find a balance between micromanaging learners’ digital experiences and letting them navigate a digital world without any guidance.

Using Technology to Rethink Summer Learning

Using technology to rethink summer learning

Summer is a time for learners (and teachers!) to relax and reset. It’s important to keep kids learning, but summer assignments have to be highly engaging to have any real impact.

Hapara Student Voice Podcast

Hāpara student voice podcast

Hāpara Certified Educators Jennifer Struebing and Lisa Harrison spoke with Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio to share how they use digital tools to raise student voice in their respective schools.

3 Ways to Magnify Student Voice in the Digital Classroom with Hapara

Three ways to magnify student voice in the digital classroom with Hāpara

For some, the phrase student voice invokes images of endless student government meetings where the debate about school lunch ends up right where it started. For others, a strong and healthy culture of student voice is the key to motivating students to work hard, be creative, and take care of each other.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Why reinvent the wheel when you can borrow from the experts? Check out this curated collection of Hāpara Workspaces were designed and shared publicly by Hāpara-using educators from around the world.

Hapara’s Sticky New Edtech Workspace Crests One Million Views in Two Weeks

Hāpara’s sticky new edtech workspace crests one million views in two weeks

We designed Workspace with the same force factors that drove us to build our Dashboard for Google Apps in 2010 and our Highlights (previously Interact) for Chrome tool in 2012; to meet the needs of teachers and learners pushing edtech to its max in support of differentiation, personalization, and collaboration.

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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