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Hāpara technical updates for the Northern Hemisphere (May 2020)

Using technology for deep learning

We have some exciting updates coming soon to Hāpara. 

This month:

Changes to student privacy settings in Highlights – In order to respect student privacy, we’ve updated the Hāpara Admin Console to better reflect our Ethical Monitoring policy. We’re asking schools to limit the monitoring window for Highlights to ten hours — a typical school day. 

Undo Smart Share – Teachers will soon have the ability to undo a Smart Share job. If documents were shared with students accidentally, teachers will be able to click Unshare to remove the files from learners’ Drives. The Unshare button will be active for five minutes after a Smart Share job has been completed.

Coming soon:

There will be some big changes to Hāpara for back to school 2020. Both teachers and students will have brand new Hāpara interfaces when accessing their Workspaces. 

For students: All students will have access to the (award winning!) Student Dashboard beginning in July. Student Dashboard brings all student work from Hāpara, Google Classroom, Gmail and Drive into one easy to navigate platform, to help learners keep track of all of their digital assignments. You can view a quick overview of Student Dashboard here

If you would like learners to have access to this platform now, contact us! It’s currently in limited release and ready for your students to use.

For teachers: The updated Workspace interface for teachers offers new ways to organize Workspaces, the option to add cover images to Workspaces and access to the new Discover page, where teachers can find thousands of public Workspaces ready for use. Right now, teachers can opt in to see these changes — however, the changes will be rolled out to everyone in July.

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