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Four ways Tech Admins can improve remote learning with Hāpara (and they are all free)

Using technology for deep learning

Remote, hybrid and face-to-face–there are so many ways learning is being delivered in K-12 schools this academic year, and we are here to help! Like most of the world, you have a lot of questions right now, especially around how to use technology in these diverse settings. Many tech admins that we speak with express that they have found entirely new ways to use Hāpara since remote and hybrid learning began. Keep reading to hear how your district can answer some of those questions, and make remote or hybrid learning a success with Hāpara tools that don’t cost you a penny more, because most come with your Hāpara subscription.

Should we use Highlights in remote learning? If so, how?

Problem solved with this Highlights webinar

It is more important than ever to have critical, intentional discussions about your approach to Chromebook monitoring during remote learning. If you are a long-time Hāpara customer, you understand that our approach to monitoring has always been as a path to student autonomy and digital citizenship, and this is also the case—even more so–with remote learning. If your teachers used Highlights during in-person instruction as a digital classroom management tool, you probably have questions about how to use it for remote learning. Highlights can also orchestrate remote learning workflows.

Here are some tips from two edtech rockstars, Lindy Hockenbary and Beth Still about how to use Highlights in a remote setting.

I fear there are equity gaps in remote learning. Where’s the data?

Problem solved with Hāpara Advanced Analytics 

Right now, every principal and district decision maker is concerned about visibility into remote learning. Are students learning? Do teachers need help with the technology?

As a part of your Premium subscription, you have Hāpara Analytics. Reach out to our Support Team to ingest data so you can see the learners that are not engaged and teachers that need more support.

Price: Free with your Premium Hāpara Instructional Suite subscription. 

Students are lost with all of the G Suite notifications 

Problem solved with Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard is like an edtech unicorn—no teacher training needed. In fact, teachers don’t even have an interface for this. It’s a tool for students (also designed by students) that streamlines all those Google Classroom, G Suite and teacher notifications into a mobile-optimized, Chromebook-friendly app. Teachers don’t need to learn a new tool–YAY! Award-winning Cool Tool of the year.

Price: Free for all Hāpara customers.

Teachers don’t have a digital homebase, a remote learning workflow or quality remote content

Problem solved with Workspace

“I don’t have a homebase for delivering learning. I need a place that I can set up as my classroom and create a flow for teaching and learning,” said many teachers who weren’t using Workspace. In the spring of 2020, we launched the Sharing is Caring campaign, encouraging teachers around the world to share their Workspaces publicly. We now have 30,000+ Workspaces available to teachers with 3,000+ of them aligned to curriculum standards. Plenty of free, beautiful K-12 content.

Price: Free with your premium subscription.

Explore how an educator uses Hāpara Highlights as a coaching tool for social and emotional learning in her classroom.

Developing a classroom culture of resilience with Hāpara Highlights

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