Deepen digital learning

Impact digital teaching and learning with actionable data

Objective data can improve digital instruction. We track your digital journey back to the first day your district used G Suite.


Take digital learning to the next level.

Learn how Analytics can help you build more effective digital learning environments.

Move from devices to deeper learning.

“The tech is just the tool that helps make reaching 21st century learning goals easier and less complicated. What educators really want to know, is whether that learning is actually happening.”

Stephanie Meyers, Resource Teacher
Ottawa Catholic School Board
Ontario, Canada


Increase student engagement.

“We believe that the deeper engagement that’s afforded by our digital platform will help our students—both academically and otherwise. For the first time, we are able to measure this quantitatively, without surveys or invasive in-class monitoring efforts.”

Rob Long, Coordinator of Learning Technologies at OCSB
Ottawa Catholic School Board
Ontario, Canada

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