A training adventure that you deliver

Be a lantern to others by conducting Hāpara training sessions–a Camp Hāpara! Take your training from ho-hum to lots of fun with a camp theme.

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I’m giving a Camp Hāpara: How to teach virtually with Hāpara training

You know the power of teaching with Hāpara — you can move seamlessly from face-to-face instruction to remote teaching. You want to help others so they can learn your tips and tricks to make this a piece of cake (or a ‘smore to stick with the camping theme). We’ll help you by sending you a slide deck to get you started (please feel free to customize), and a pair of Hipi socks to wear around the campfire (or in your home office).

I’m giving a Camp Hāpara session at a conference or for PD training

So you are presenting at a school or district training, EdCamp or a conference? Well, at least you won’t need bug spray. We will send you a slide deck, presenter notes, and as a thank you, some cool socks and a lanyard for you, and some badges (stickers) as prizes. Bonus points earned for a Camp Hāpara cheer or song posted on social media!

Customer Camp Hāpara

A Camp Hāpara Trainer will train your team via webinar or onsite. Ask for a quote today!

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