Tools for ethical monitoring

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Tools for ethical monitoring

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Hāpara is a suite of instructional management and ethical monitoring tools for K12 that powers awesome learning.

Why is ethical monitoring important?

  • It’s a way to provide visibility into what your students are doing when they’re learning online and to help them stay safe and on task
  • It allows learners to be autonomous and strengthen their executive functioning skills by giving them opportunities to make their own decisions

How does Hāpara support ethical monitoring

  • It’s the only edtech tool on the market that allows educators to give students a reason for closing a tab
  • It helps teachers foster positive relationships with learners by making them feel a part of the conversation
  • It provides teachers with training resources and programs that show them how to gradually release the digital responsibility of web browsing

How can you use Hāpara at your school?


Download the guide.

Share it with your principal.


If you’d like to share your principal’s email address, a Hāpara team member can follow up with your principal and will mention that you liked the tool.

Get Hāpara for your school!

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Download this free guide to share with your principal.

Hāpara is an award-winning instructional suite

ISTE Seal of Alignment
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence
Edtech Breakthrough Award
The EdTech Awards 2022 - Leadership Winner

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