Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara vs Securly Filter

Compare two AI-based K-12 web filters to decide how your school or district will keep students safe.

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There are several web filtering options available for K-12 schools and districts. Hāpara and Securly both offer web filters that use artificial intelligence (AI) and work across student devices. There are differences, though, when looking at them side-by-side.

This page will help you understand the difference between Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara and Securly Filter so that you and your team can decide which product best protects your students.

What does Hāpara do?

Hāpara is a K-12 edtech company that offers a full suite of instructional tools for remote and in-person learning. Along with Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara, which is a web filter and Securly alternative, Hāpara offers tools that streamline teacher and student workflows on Chromebooks.

What does Securly do?

Securly is a K-12 security company that offers school safety products. These products relate to web filtering, email and document auditing, parental internet control and student mental health. 

An overview of Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara (a Securly alternative)

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara is a K-12 web filter and alternative to Securly. It is powered by AI and filters in real-time. It uses context to restrict content that is harmful or inappropriate on a web page. The web filter also takes a pedagogical approach by encouraging conversations around digital citizenship.

An overview of Securly Filter

Securly Filter uses AI to block harmful and inappropriate content and send alerts about signs of cyberbullying, violence and self-harm. 

How they compare

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara
The web filter works on any device, at home or in the classroom. When students are logged in to their school Google account, the web filter protects them.
Securly Filter works across school devices and operating systems.
Technology administrator management
Technology administrators can install the web filter within a few minutes. Because the web filter uses AI, technology administrators don’t need to maintain blocked/allowed lists or policies.
Technology administrators can install Securly Filter within a few minutes. They then need to set up policies for schools or groups of people in the school district. To set up policies, they should allow or block website categories, URLs and search terms.
Teacher management
With the web filter, teachers can approve a website in-the-moment to give a student or group access to it. Students can also request teacher approval for a site that helps with learning.
With Securly Filter, teachers do not have website approval authorization. Technology administrators can give staff members (such as principals, guidance counselors, etc.) privileges to access student mental health alerts, though.
The web filter works in real-time to blur inappropriate or harmful images or mute selections of audio. This allows students to safely visit YouTube. The web filter also works with YouTube without needing additional setup by administrators.
To use Securly Filter with YouTube, technology administrators need to manually block and allow categories of content using an admin console.
Video, audio, images and text
The web filter uses AI to understand context in real-time. This web filter does not block entire websites or web pages that have instructional value. Instead, it blurs any harmful/inappropriate images or text on the page and mutes audio when necessary.
Securly Filter does not blur images and text or mute audio. Rather, it blocks categories of websites and pages.
Zoom and Google Meet
The web filter blurs noneducational text and images during synchronous virtual class meetings. Because it works in real-time, learning is not interrupted.
Securly Filter does not blur text and images during virtual class meetings.
Google games and games on Google Sites
The web filter blocks Google games and games on Google Sites that make it through other web filters. Students can’t access them on their school devices.
Technology administrators need to set up policies in Securly Filter to block specific Google games and games on Google Sites.
Ads and tracking
The web filter anonymizes Google searches and blocks ads and tracking.
Technology administrators can set up Securly Filter policies to block ads.
Student wellness
Schools can also add on Deledao ActivePulse, presented by Hāpara, which monitors student wellness. Across students' online activity, it detects signs of self-harm and cyberbullying, sending designated team members instant alerts.
Securly Filter sends technology administrators and authorized staff members mental health alerts related to student online searches and social networking activity.

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