Edtech tips

Improving your virtual learning environment: A Google Classroom tutorial

This ultimate Google Classroom tutorial will show you to learn how to incorporate this program into your instructional practice. Google Classroom is a free online application that enables teachers to organize all of their digital class materials into one designated area, creating a space for them to collaborate with learners in an easy-to-use virtual learning environment.

Formative feedback with G Suite

Discover how teachers can provide powerful formative feedback to help students on their journeys toward mastery as well as providing valuable data to drive instructional planning with G Suite, Google Classroom and Hāpara.

How to survive remote learning

Although remote learning comes with its challenges, there are so many useful strategies and tools to help make E-Learning successful and meaningful for both learners and teachers.

Online and blended learning 101

Since blended learning makes up such a wide range of the learning continuum, it is helpful to understand blended learning models. In this post we will cover the seven different types of blended learning models and how Hāpara can help with the online component of learning in a variety of ways.

G Suite for Education: Where do I start?

Google Suite for Education incorporates all of the key factors that contribute to productive teaching and learning in an online or blended classroom. It is a web-based program that can be accessible from any device that is connected to the internet, and is an easy-to-use tool that offers a variety of platforms for students to apply their knowledge, demonstrate their skills, collaborate with peers, and receive constructive feedback.

Promoting equity in learning with the Hāpara Instructional Suite

Join Hāpara’s Robert Bailey as he interviews Rebecca Recco, middle school art teacher from Oakland, California. They’ll discuss how Hāpara tools like Workspace have helped her promote equity in the classroom and deeper learning experiences for all of her students.

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