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15 ways to make the most of ISTELive 24 in Denver

Check out these fun activities to do around the city during ISTELive 24 in Denver!
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ISTELive 24 is taking place June 23-26 in Denver, Colorado. Will we see you there? If you plan to attend ISTE, there’s so much to offer, including innovative edtech sessions, familiar faces, new friends and fun vibes all around! If you’re traveling to Denver, why not take in some sights while you’re there? To help round out your trip, we’ve put together some of the best spots and activities the Mile High City has to offer.

1. Colorado State Capitol

Have you ever wondered why Denver is called the “Mile High City”? The city is officially one mile above sea level. That’s because a spot on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol building is exactly one mile in elevation. The specific step is named the “Mile High Step,” of course. 

If you visit the West steps outside of the Capitol building, look for the fifteenth step with the engraving of “One Mile Above Sea Level.” You can also see a beautiful sunset from this step and a view of the Rocky Mountains. Interestingly, in 2003 a more accurate one-mile measurement was taken, and a marker was placed on the thirteenth step.

We think Hipi and their sheepicorn flock would love to take in a view of the sun setting behind the Rockies!

2. 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is an outdoor pedestrian mall that is a mile long (Denver and their one-mile distances!). The promenade is made of granite in a red, white and gray pattern to look like a diamondback rattlesnake. But don’t worry, you won’t see any real rattlesnakes here, just tons of outdoor cafés, shops, pubs, clubs and a movie theater. 

From here you’ll also have easy access to the State Capitol and other attractions on this list. There is a free shuttle called the MallRide that travels up and down the Mall, making it easy to take it all in.

3. Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station is a historic landmark and train station in downtown Denver that first opened in 1881. You can visit restaurants, bars and shops. Plus, you can ride to and from the airport directly from Denver Union Station or travel to another part of Colorado. 

4. Larimer Square

Larimer Square is one of Denver’s first city blocks, and features historic Victorian buildings. It’s also an urban shopping district where you can find boutiques and upscale restaurants. If you’re into fashion, it’s the go-to place.

5. MCA Denver (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Just off of the 16th Street Mall, you’ll find MCA Denver. If you want to mix in some art between edtech sessions at ISTE, check it out. If you visit after 5 p.m. Tuesday – Thursday, tickets are half off, only costing six bucks! The museum closes at 7 p.m., so this gives you plenty of time to peruse the artwork. 

6. The Blue Bear

You won’t have to go far to see this attraction. You can see the Blue Bear right in front of the Colorado Convention Center. This 40-foot-tall bear sculpture is made of 4,000 triangles, and it looks like the bear is peering directly into the Convention Center. Installed in 2005, it’s become an icon in Denver and is the perfect spot for a photo. In fact, Hipi and their flock want to meet this famous bear and take a picture!

7. Meow Wolf Denver

Meow Wolf Denver is a company that produces large-scale and immersive art installations. The current installation is an all-ages exhibit called “Convergence Station.” If you’re looking for a surreal, colorful, wacky experience, you won’t want to miss it. Hipi certainly can’t wait to visit!

8. Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Are you a history buff? You’ll want to add the Buffalo Bill Museum to your list. Here you can learn all about William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody and his famous Wild West show. You can also visit his gravesite and learn why he wanted to be buried on Lookout Mountain in Colorado. Keep in mind that the museum is open Wednesday – Saturday until 5 p.m.

9. Washington Park and nearby historic streets

Washington Park, or “Wash Park” as locals call it, is considered a favorite park in Denver. This park has 155 acres of ground and includes two flower gardens and two lakes. One of the gardens is a replica of George Washington’s gardens. Nearby you can check out two historic streets, South Pearl Street and South Gaylord Street with shops, restaurants and galleries. South Pearl Street was also the site of Denver’s first trolley car route.

10. Denver Botanic Gardens

For nature and flower lovers, the Denver Botanic Gardens offers 24 acres of beautiful gardens with plants from all over the world. Gardens include Gardens of the West, Internationally Inspired Gardens, Ornamental Gardens, Shady Gardens and Water Gardens. 

11. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Are you into dinosaur fossils, gems, astronomy or sea life? Then Denver Museum of Nature and Science is for you! It’s open until 5 p.m., so head on over one morning or afternoon or check it out after ISTE ends. You’ll find awe-inspiring exhibitions and a planetarium. 

12. National Ballpark Museum

If you love baseball, you have to check out the National Ballpark Museum. Smithsonian Books named this museum as one of the best private baseball collections in the world. It includes items from the 14 original ballparks in the U.S. and is actually the only museum dedicated solely to ballparks. 

13. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks, just a few miles outside of Denver, is a famous concert and live event venue. This open-air amphitheater was created by Mother Nature. How cool! There are two sandstone monoliths called Ship Rock and Creation Rock that help create the amphitheatre. A cool fact: the rocks were formed millions of years ago and are red due to oxidized minerals.

Parking and admission is free when visiting during non-event times. Be sure to bring plenty of water due to the higher altitude.

14. Hidden sheepicorns

Our beloved Hipi the Sheepicorn is bringing some special members of their flock to Denver this year! Hipi loves ISTE after all and can’t wait to show their flock around. The problem is that their flock members tend to run off to explore on their own and get lost in the Convention Center. Oh no! That’s why we’ll need your detective skills to find the missing sheepicorns. 

Keep an eye on our social media for clues each day to help you find the sheepicorns. If you spot one, bring it back to booth #1724 for an extra special prize! 

By the way, sheepicorns love to go on adventures. Be sure to snap a pic of your sheepicorn exploring Denver with you. 📸 Tag us at @hapara_team on X or Instagram. We love to see all the fun places Hipi visits.

15. The Hāpara booth

At booth #1724, you can meet Hāpara community members to learn about their experience creating safe and engaged learning environments. Make connections and discover new ideas! Check in with our social media during ISTE for times that community members are scheduled to join us in our booth. 

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Hāpara team members, too! There will be contests, swag and tours of our classroom management tools.

Join us at ISTELive 24 to explore our all-in-one classroom management solution.

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