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Google tools that will amp up your Workspace

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You already know that Hapara and Google Workspace for Education tools work seamlessly together, so why not add more versatile ‘Googley’ things to your Workspace that will help build engagement? Here are three Google tools to amp up your Hapara Workspace!

Google Applied Digital Skills 💾

Do you find that you spend just as much time teaching students to use Google tools as you do class content? Google has developed video guided project-based lessons that are applicable across the curriculum with Google Applied Digital Skills. These lessons were created to teach students the digital skills they need to effectively use Google Workspace for Education to work and collaborate with their peers, and allows you to spend your time focusing on the course content. Examples of projects include: creating an interactive story with Google Slides, researching and developing a topic by learning to find credible sources with Google Search, creating an interactive presentation with Google Workspace for Education Tools, and more.

Each lesson walks students through the steps necessary to create their projects with short bite-sized videos, and allows them to work at their own pace! All you have to do is create a class on the Google Applied Digital Skills site, add the link and class code to your Workspace, and monitor student progress!  

Google Tour Builder 🌍

Forget getting approval for a trip, arranging transportation, and fussing over field trip forms, it is time to take your students on a content rich field trip with Google Tour Builder! It is an amazing addition to your Hapara Workspace resources section as a way to build background for your students on locations and their meaning in context to historical, cultural, and literary content. Building your tour starts with adding locations on a map to build the path that tells the story of each location. With each point on the map, you can add up to 25 photos and videos to create a media rich experience that helps students gain a deeper understanding of the location’s connection to the content. No time to build your own? Search from pre-made tours created by teachers, charities, and organizations.  Want a fun and engaging way to assess student understanding? Turn around and have your students create their own tour to show their expertise!

Be Internet Awesome 💙

Do you need resources for teaching Digital Citizenship in your classroom?  How about an entire Workspace worth of lessons and material? Want to add an engaging online game to that? Then you need to check out Google’s Be Internet Awesome curriculum that has fun and engaging lessons that pair with their online game Interland to teach students how to be safe and caring online. Here is a pre-built Workspace using the Be Internet Awesome Curriculum that you can copy and use in your classroom today!

Learn what to focus on when building a culture of digital citizenship, including conversation starters for learners and educators!

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