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Deliver meaningful learning experiences online for in-person or remote instruction

The Hāpara Instructional Suite provides tools to help all of your students achieve—at home or in the classroom.

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Hāpara tools have helped California schools easily deliver engaging digital curriculum with the personalization learners need to succeed.

As an educator, I am used to improvising and maintaining a level of sustainable flexibility all the while holding students accountable. Initially, while distance teaching during this pandemic, I was worried about how I would progress monitor, discreetly communicate with, and provide individual scaffolding for students. Hāpara has provided me with the tools I need to reach and support my students from a distance, in real-time for in-person instruction and distance teaching.”
​Billie Johnson
McKinley K-8 School of the Arts / Pasadena Unified School District

Chrome management solutions and monitoring tools that provide California schools with the visibility they need to deliver learning whether it’s remote, in-person or hybrid.

Hāpara provides: 

Notifications in Highlights
Google Drive (blue outline)

Visibility into student Drive files for quick access to provide formative feedback


Messaging tool to send notes of encouragement or subtly redirect learners

A window into learners’ Chrome browsing activity


Manage YouTube for K-12

Technology designed to build digital citizenship rather than police–and keep learners safe until they have reached the appropriate level of responsibility

Focus learners’ attention and curate their Chrome browsing experience

Quickly share out links and get the class on the same page


Web filtering powered by artificial intelligence

Block Google games


Teachers have discretion to unblock sites on an individual basis when they have instructional value

What does Hāpara offer for K-12 schools?

The Hāpara Instructional Suite has a range of digital tools that makes it easy for California school districts to organize and safely deliver their digital education content.

A Chrome monitoring tool that puts digital citizenship first.
A K-12 web filter that uses real-time AI technology.
A single dashboard that empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning.
A quick and easy formative feedback tool.
One-click access to your Oregon K-12 OER library, digital textbooks, resources and more.

Hāpara Workspace

Interactive lessons, activities and units of study aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS).

Workspace - Example
CCSS: Mathematics Grade 1: Shapes and their Properties

Shapes and their Properties
Mathematics Grades/Years K-2

In this Workspace, students will discover how to organize, represent and interpret data. They will also distinguish defining attributes and non defining attributes, compose shapes and partition shapes.

California NGSS Science Grade 5: The Scientific Method & Classroom Chemistry

The Scientific Method & Classroom Chemistry
Science Grades/Years 3-5

In this Workspace, students learn about the scientific method and use it to describe the properties and interactions of various household liquids and solids. They will interpret their interactions based on scientific observation.

Persuasive Techniques in Fiction & Non-Fiction Texts
English Language Arts Grades 9-12

In this Workspace, students will explore the ways in which authors use literary devices (similes, metaphors, etc.) and persuasive techniques (ETHOS, PATHOS & LOGOS) in fiction and non-fiction texts.

View Workspaces by category:

Workspace URL
Kinder Years All About Me
ELA 1 Read Alouds
ELA 2 Outdoor Learning
ELA 3 Creative Writing
ELA 4 Persuasive Writing
ELA 5 Word Work
Math 1 Shapes and Their Properties
Math 2 Statistics and Probability
Math 3 Place Value to 10 000
Math 4 Multiplying Two or Three Digits by One Digit
Math 5 Place Value
Math 5 Parts of a Whole- Decimals
Math 5 Decimal Addition
Math 5 Decimal Subtraction
Math 5 Division
Math 5 Multiplication
Math 5 Completing Patterns
Math 5 Describing Patterns
Math 5 Pattern Rules
Math 5 Finding Patterns in Tables
Math 5 Making Predictions
Math 5 Order of Operations
Math 5 Writing and Simplifying Expressions
Math 5 Writing an Addition or Subtraction Equation
Math 5 Solving an Addition or Subtraction Equation
Math 5 Writing a Multiplication or Division Equation
Math 5 Solving a Multiplication or Division Equation
Math 5 Multiplication Equations
Math 5 Division Equations
Math 5 Measuring Volume
Math 5 Volume
Math 5 Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane
Math 5 Graphing Patterns
Math 5 Measuring Figures on a Coordinate Plane
Math 5 Polygons
Math 5 Congruent Polygons
Math 5 Fractions
Math 5 Congruence
Science 1 The 4 Seasons
Science 2 Hot and Cold Temperatures
Science 3 Magnetism
Science 4 Light and Shadow
Science 5 Classroom Chemistry & the Scientific Method
Middle School
Workspace URL
ELA 6 Personal/Community Wellness (Informational Texts)
ELA 7 Listening, Speaking and Creating through Podcasts
ELA 8 Heroes
Math 6 Introduction to Integers
Math 7 Integers and Order of Operations
Math 8 Analytic Geometry
Middle School Physical Sciences Heating up Humans
Middle School Life Sciences Environmental Chemistry
Middle School Earth & Space Sciences Planet Earth
Middle School Engineering Design Thermos Designer’s Lab/Project
High School
Workspace URL
ELA 9-10 Revenge and Betrayal: A Short Story Unit
ELA 9-10 Reading to Write through an Exploration of Conflict
ELA 9-10 English Persuasive Techniques in Fiction & Non-Fiction Texts
ELA 11-12 Nonfiction & Film – Fame & Greatness
ELA 11-12 From School to Work
High School Algebra I Solving Linear Systems
High School Algebra II Solving Polynomial and Rational Equations and Inequalities
High School Algebra II (+) Connecting Graphs and Equations of Trigonometric Functions
High School Geometry Similar Triangles, Right Triangles, SOHCAHTOA and Pythagorean Theorem
High School Geometry (+) Solving Problems Involving Acute Triangles
High School The Plus Standards Introduction to Vectors
High School Physical Science Electrical Principles and Technology
High School Life Science DNA & Cell Division
High School Earth and Space Science Harvesting Energy

California school districts have diverse learning needs but need to ensure that every student has a high-quality learning experience.

The Hāpara Instructional Suite provides California schools with tools to differentiate instruction, provide culturally-relevant curriculum, add SEL support and give personalized feedback. To discover how Hāpara helps all learners succeed, download our Buyer’s Guide.

Why Hāpara?


Serve every learner’s unique needs

Chromebook tools that streamline teacher workflow so they can focus on teaching students in the way that best meets their learning needs.

Empower students to take control of their own learning

Student Dashboard helps learners develop executive function skills on their Chromebooks so they can become independent, lifelong learners.

Build digital citizenship with Chrome browser monitoring

Give learners the support they need to grow their 21st-century skills in a safe environment.
As educators make the shift toward teaching with technology they will need access to programs that help make running their 21st century classrooms more efficient and effective. If you teach at a Google for Education school, Hāpara fulfills that need and more, and should be a part of any G Suite school’s instructional technology plan."
The New Edtech Classroom
Sam Kary

New Edtech Classroom

Student privacy must be taken seriously

Hāpara is dedicated to protecting student privacy and providing learners with tools for safe online learning. Hāpara is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and complies with the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act, FERPA and COPPA.

Student Privacy Pledge Signatory


What is Hāpara?

The Hāpara Instructional Management Suite organizes teaching and learning workflows in Google Workspace for Education to provide a seamless, high-quality educational experience. Learn more about Hāpara.

Does Hāpara provide Chrome browser monitoring?

Yes, Hāpara Highlights is a Google Chrome browser monitoring tool with a variety of features that teachers can use to teach and promote digital citizenship. Learn more about Highlights.

Does Hāpara comply with California student and data privacy laws and regulations?

Hāpara complies with all local and federal student and data privacy laws and regulations. If you have specific questions please contact

How much does Hāpara cost?

The full Hāpara Instructional Suite is less expensive than most stand-alone edtech products. Request pricing to learn more.

Does Hāpara work for remote learning or hybrid learning?

Hāpara facilitates teaching and learning for 1:1, hybrid and distance settings. Teachers can remotely open tabs for learners, share out documents, send messages of encouragement and more using Hāpara tools.

Can my school district use federal CARES Act funding to purchase Hāpara?

Yes! Section 18003 of the CARES Act outlines several allowable edtech-related uses of those K-12 dollars. Learn what they are.

Does Hāpara work with Google Classroom and Chromebooks?

Yes! In fact, Hāpara streamlines Google Classroom to create a more efficient and effective teaching and learning experience. Learn how we do it!

How can I learn more about Hāpara?

Our Buyer’s Guide provides detailed information about how Hāpara works, how it benefits teachers and learners and how we stack up against other edtech tools. Get the Buyer’s Guide.

Hāpara is an award-winning instructional suite

ISTE Seal of Alignment
The EdTech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence
Edtech Breakthrough Award
The EdTech Awards 2022 - Leadership Winner

It’s easy to get started.

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