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Hapara Video – “A few Problems We Solve”

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Intrinsic Schools Taps Hapara to Help Connect Classroom with Digital Dashboards

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July 22, 2014

Palo Alto, Ca – Intrinsic Schools, a Chicago-based non-profit network of public charter schools,  has engaged Hapara Inc., edtech maker of Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps, to provide Intrinsic teachers crucial access to Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps. Intrinsic Director of Technology, Marcos Alcozer, says, “We believe that technology is the key to bringing true differentiation into the classroom to allow our teachers to provide the right level of instruction to each student. Hapara Teacher Dashboard allows our teachers to easily group students and distribute the resources that they need when they need … Read the rest →

Answering Questions about Hapara and Google Classroom

Our friends at Google are finally going public with more details of Google Classroom. We’ve had it for a while, and you know how chatty we are—it’s been tough for us to keep quiet as your questions piled up from current and future Hapara community members!

We know you’ve been curious. Here are some of the answers that we’ve been itching to give.

1. How is Hapara Teacher Dashboard different from Google Classroom?

Google Classroom does a great job of providing an entry point for the first-time Google Apps using teacher to some basic assignment management. Beyond that …

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Google Groups, Organization Units, and Subdomains – Explainer

Technology directors and facilitators new to the Google Apps game must master a new vernacular. When managing a Google Apps domain, three things you must quickly learn about are groups, organization units (OU’s), and subdomains. Each has a host of different applications, some overlapping, and can be used to assist a school system with data maintenance and customization.


Google Groups are structures that associate a group of users together. Once enrolled in a group, a user can access discussion forums associated with the group, and send and receive emails that are addressed to the specific Google … Read the rest →

An Interesting Perspective on the Cost of Google Apps

Allison Mollica, Google Certified Trainer, and active thought leader, recently shared this post about the cost of Going Google Apps. In brief, she cautions school innovators not to sell Google Apps as a free alternative to prior information and knowledge management systems. The piece is very supportive of Google Apps as a transformative tool set, while at the same time offering a thoughtful rationale for not touting the platform as free. Have a read.… Read the rest →