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Constructing more meaningful relationships during school closure and a pandemic

Using technology for deep learning

Tracey Nesrallah will share how Workspace made her school’s closure during the pandemic a positive rather than a drawback. She’ll share how much closer she became to her students and how much more personalized learning became as a result.

How Tracey uses Hāpara Workspace during the pandemic:

Tracey discusses the initial impact the pandemic had on her and her classroom (2:12). She discusses how her use of Workspace before the pandemic allowed for a smoother transition into online learning. Tracey explains how she uses Workspace to keep the connections with her students strong, despite not being face-to-face, by making the Workspace and Google Hangouts atmosphere similar to as if they were still in the classroom.

How Workspace can be useful for elementary learners:

Tracey explains how to use Workspace in a way that can benefit young learners (16:55). She goes on to give different examples and ideas on how to do this. She also encourages educators to submit their Workspaces through Hāpara’s Sharing is Caring initiative and advises them to go through the Discovery tab in Workspace to get inspiration for teaching learners from home during the pandemic.

The benefits of collaboration using Hāpara Workspace:

Tracey discusses how she partnered with a fellow educator using the Sharing Cards feature in Workspace to create a project for their students (23:10). She goes on to explain the benefits of collaboration using Workspace in regards to the efficiency and organization it provided for herself and her students.

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Tracey Nesrallah, Grade 6 teacher at OCSB St Jerome Catholic School. Twitter- @mrs_nesrallah.

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