Coming soon to a classroom near you! Hāpara updates for the new school year

Coming soon to a classroom near you! Hāpara updates for the new school year

A new school year is headed our way, but we hope you’ve been getting the most out of your summer. We’ve been busy creating brand-new updates to make it even easier for you to communicate with students and keep them involved in their learning process in Hāpara.

We’re excited for these updates that are coming soon for educators!

Saving Focus and Filter session templates — across classes

We’re extra excited for this Hāpara Highlights improvement to appear in the weeks ahead. First, we refreshed the appearance of the Guide browsing section in Highlights. 

But more importantly, when you click Set up a Focus session or Set up a Filter session, you’ll no longer need to create separate templates for each class. Instead, you’ll be able to save a single template to use across all of your classes. 

For example, if your learners in each class work on a bell-ringer the first ten minutes, you can create a focus session template with the website you want them to visit. You’ll only have to fill out the details once. Then you can save the template and use it with all of your classes. Quick and stress-free!

View screen

We’ve also improved how you can monitor evidence of learning in Highlights. In the Student Tile drop-down menu, you’ll soon see the View screen option.

Instead of downloading a screenshot to your desktop, it will open a large view of the student’s current browsing tab. 

From there you can click Take a snap, which will save the screenshot with a lot of helpful information like a timeline of student browsing. You can have a conversation about these details during a parent conference or share them with a student to reflect on their learning.

Including a reason when closing browser tabs

Another improvement educators will see in Highlights is including a reason when closing student tabs. While this used to be optional, Hāpara believes in deepening our connection to pedagogy and prioritizing digital citizenship in the classroom.

Data shows that providing a reason for closing a tab reduces the likelihood that learners will repeat the off-task behavior. The goal is to help your students make positive decisions online and become responsible digital citizens.

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara notifications

If your school or district uses Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara, in upcoming weeks, teachers will see filter notifications within Highlights. If a student requests to use a blocked website for learning, you’ll see that notification pop up in your teacher account in Highlights. From there, you can decide to approve or decline the student request. 

With learner browsing information in one spot, you’ll be able to more efficiently provide guidance, share formative feedback and start digital citizenship conversations. For example, if Alejandra is working on a history project and finds a primary source audio clip on a blocked website, she can send you a request. You’ll then see that request in Highlights and can quickly approve the website. Afterward, you can send Alejandra a quick follow-up message letting her know that she’s doing a great job with her online research. 

Look out for these updates in the coming weeks, and if you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear from you.

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