Removing Barriers – Allowing Learners Choice in Place and Time

Removing Barriers - Allowing Learners Choice in Place and Time Webinar

Our learners have busy, diverse lives. Sometimes we forget that on top of completing their education, they may be competing in high-level sports or other activities. Some might be working part-time, or full-time, to help support their families. Some may even have children of their own. Others are ready to move beyond other learners their age and accelerate their learning, while other members of their class might need a little more time to work through the material. Allowing learners flexibility in what courses they take, when, and where, provides a greater opportunity for them to be successful at school. This webinar will highlight some examples of what Wolf Creek Publics Schools has done to remove barriers and enable learners to finish high school in ways that suit their lifestyles.

About the Presenter

Jody Blackmore is currently in her second year as a Learning Coach within the Wolf Creek Public School Division. Previously, she taught at a Hutterite Colony school and served as Team Leader for the Colony teaching team. Jody believes that technology can be a powerful learning tool for students and teachers. Integrating technology into classrooms in a purposeful way is a large focus in her current role and has always been a personal interest. Jody is a Hapara Certified Educator, Google Certified Educator (Level 1 and 2), Freshgrade Champion.

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