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May 20, 2020 | Hapara News

Using technology for deep learning


Erin Harding

Product Manager

New updates:

Ever accidentally share a file with students using Smart Share? We know that “uh-oh” feeling you get when it happens. But don’t worry! You’ll soon be able to take back a Smart Share. 

Many of you have asked for this feature, and we’ve been working hard to get it ready for you. 

If you share documents with learners accidentally, you’ll be able to click Unshare in the new jobs list to remove the files from their Drives. The Unshare button will be active for five minutes after a Smart Share job has been completed.

Coming soon:

Have you checked out the new Workspace yet? You can turn on the beta at any time to access new ways to organize your Workspaces (personalized labels!), to add cover images to your Workspaces and to access the new Discover page, where you can find thousands of public Workspaces ready for you to use.

We know a lot is changing with the way you teach right now, so don’t worry — the new Workspace is opt-in only for now. We won’t switch everyone over to the new layout until July.

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