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What’s happening at Hāpara? Product updates, new initiatives and more! (October 2020)

Using technology for deep learning

Product Manager, Erin Harding and VP of Sales Robert Bailey led an informative discussion on the latest product updates that are happening at Hāpara. These updates include: the option to copy cards in Workspace, the new grading tool that allows teachers to give feedback without having to jump back and forth and the quick, in-the-moment tutorials specific to the tool you are using in Hāpara.

Click on the chapters card on the video to jump to the segment you want to see!
0:00 – Introduction
3:35 – Copying cards in Workspace
8:57 – The new grading tool to give feedback
18:06 – Quick tutorials available in the Hāpara suite
23:10 – Using Hāpara and Google Classroom together
29:12 – How to access the discover tab in Workspace for lessons
31:06 – How to join the Hāpara community

Product update #1: The first product update is being able to copy cards into Workspace (3:35). Erin demonstrates how to copy individual cards and an entire section of cards in Workspace on her screen. She explains that you can now add an unlimited amount of cards and sections to a clipboard and goes through the steps on how to do it.
Product update #2: The second product update is the new grading tool that gives feedback (8:57). This is a way to make assessing work easier. Erin shows the two different ways to access the new grading tool. The first is through the new progress panel. She shows how to interact with student work like before but explains the new advantage of not needing to jump back and forth between student Workspaces in order to do this. This makes the feedback process a lot quicker than before. The other way to get into the grading tool is through Evidence Cards in Workspace. Educators also have the activity history in the grading tool so you can see past grades and feedback that was given to the student.
Product update #3: There are now quick tutorials available in the Hāpara suite that can be accessed through the purple question mark on the bottom right of the screen (18:06). Erin explains that wherever you are in Hāpara, the tutorials will be relevant to whatever you are looking at. She demonstrates this on her screen where she is in Workspace, therefore the tutorials available are all about Workspace. The advantage of this new update is to be able to get the most out of the tools in an efficient manner.

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