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Product updates coming soon to a Hāpara account near you

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When you send in feedback to Hāpara, we listen! We’re excited to bring some Hāpara product updates for teachers and technical administrators. We want to help you reach your digital learning goals more easily and efficiently with these updates. We can’t wait for you to try them. 

Updates for educators: More flexibility in Highlights

In April we will be releasing two updates to the Highlights “Guide browsing” feature for teachers. 

Remove a link in a Highlights “Guide browsing” session

Teachers will soon be able to remove a link from an active Focus or Filter Session in Highlights. This will give them more flexibility to provide personalized learning. To remove the link, teachers will visit the active session and click the X next to the link to remove it.

How teachers can use this for learning:

  • Remove an assessment website link when a learner, a group or the class is finished with an assessment.
  • Some learners may struggle to focus right after lunch or another time of day. Create a guided browsing session for them. Then remove some links if they’re ready for more browsing responsibility before the session is over.

Add up to 50 Highlights Filter Session links

Teachers will also be able to add up to 50 links in a Highlights Filter Session. Previously, teachers could add up to ten links. This increase will allow for a more customized browsing experience to keep students from visiting distracting websites.

How teachers can use this for learning:

  • Ask learners for feedback about websites that distract them. This will support student agency, empower them to take responsibility for their digital citizenship choices and help them reflect on their learning.
  • Adelee Penner did this in her classroom, and learners created a list of websites they wanted blocked in a Highlights Filter Session.
  • Create a Highlights Filter Session template by adding the links the class wants blocked. Then reuse this template day to day.

Update for technical administrators: Improved Hāpara Admin Console

An updated version of the Hāpara Admin Console is coming soon with a more intuitive interface and sleeker look and navigation. 

With this update, it will be easier for technical administrators to set up and manage Hāpara settings. Overall, this improvement will help technical administrators find what they’re looking for more quickly, and make data loading and archiving more efficient.

Schools in the Southern Hemisphere will gradually begin to see the updated version starting in April, and Northern Hemisphere schools will be able to use it at the start of their 2024-25 school year.

How technical administrators can use this:

  • Configure settings to customize what teachers see in Hāpara.
  • Load your classes into Hāpara.
  • View a summary of the number of active classes, teachers and students in your domain.
  • View usage reports to see what activities are taking place in Hāpara, as well as when and how often.

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