Teach and learn from home during school closure

Teach and learn from home during school closure

Using Hāpara with G Suite and a variety of other apps has helped our school board and especially my math department move the students into a blended-learning environment in a way that has been quite seamless for students, while also helping teachers decrease their anxiety of lost time due to inclement weather. As educators we always need to be flexible, and leveraging digital is one great way to make sure that the deep learning continues, even on a snow day!”

Tristan Nuyens, Math teacher

Never miss a beat with Hāpara + G Suite

Keep the learning momentum you’ve worked so hard to build with FREE access to Hāpara until the end of June 2020*. Don’t let school closure stop teaching and learning.

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What your school/district will get:

  • Access to the Hāpara Instructional Suite to facilitate the transition to online virtual classroom management
  • Done for you: classroom cohorts set up in the cloud
  • Training and teacher support with webinars and open office hours with a Hāpara Professional Learning specialist
  • Access to other educators and learning support via the Hāpara Community
  • G Suite usage data back to the beginning of your G Suite adoption

*For new customers only.

Hāpara functionality at a distance

  • Open tabs on student computers at home
  • Monitor and manage student web browsing in Chrome to maximize efficiency in learning
  • Access student Google Drives and Google Classroom files from one dashboard
  • Share assignments to student Drive folders and access student work without permissions
  • Differentiate from a single dashboard to multiple groups of students at a distance
  • Personalize learning with a shared Workspace for groups or whole-class instruction
  • Group students in G Suite for instruction
  • Share content across the school district, state/province and globally
  • Co-teach in one Workspace
  • Teacher visibility into student online web browsing in Chrome and working Docs
  • School and district visibility into student connectivity and access to G Suite

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